Online Soccer Manager

123The real football fans with an Android phone or tablet can now take their favorite team with Online Football Manager app ‘manage’. Buy and sell players, set the tactics and make the setup. With Online Football Manager you show who’s boss in the league!

Online Football Manager is a popular browser game with more than 1.9 million active users. In Online Football Manager you can create setups, choose the best tactics, players train, you expand training complex and so on, all of course to win your team. A realistic simulator determines what the final results.

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Ziggo TV


23We have lately seen several release dates over, but it’s really so far: Live TV viewing via tablet or smartphone is now available for Android. The app Ziggo TV is possible for Ziggo customers to view live images from fourteen different stations on their Android device. In addition to the live streams in the app, you can also view program information from 160 different channels, you can see the video on demand catalog view and keeps you up to date with the latest media news.

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213There are already a number of applications that the opportunity to discover great apps, but apparently there was still room for a new initiative. Hubbl is named after the Hubbl telescope and want to discover user applications and then recommend it to others. You can let yourself voorschotelen new applications on a starry sky. With each application, you can specify if you want the application or download it directly from the Play Store.

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Bad Piggies

14We can not go to Angry Birds. Most people with a smartphone game will have ever played and even people without smartphone know the angry birds of board games and cuddly toys at the fair. The bad guys in the Angry Birds series, pigs, always trying to steal the eggs of birds. Bad Piggies play these pigs the lead. They have now got hold of the eggs and have it hidden, but the (shredded) lost treasure map. In the game you should try to build a car from a number of different parts, to find that parts of the card.

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13The app shows TotalOV current public transport controls and delays in the Netherlands, shows how much chance there is a check and what is the duration of these checks and any delays. These messages are reported through a unique system that TotalOV has devised in order to provide an overview of controls and delays by region, location, line and trajectory. TotalOV has deployed its own staff in public transport, which makes the app reliable information is provided. The information that is displayed directly in the app, the traveler can save much time. When there are delays passengers can travel plan well ahead. Both the bus, tram, metro, randstadrail ferry as for the train are all delays reported. Additionally, it provides the option to save your favorite routes and it has a “Traffic Update”...

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tewWith uTorrent for Android you exchange files with millions of users. Unlike uTorrent Remote (control of uTorrent on your PC) to download this free software media directly to your hard drive. Or in this case; your phone. uTorrent concerns exactly the same software like BitTorrent, but with a green interface instead of purple. Programs like uTorrent and BitTorrent are almost the fastest methods to distribute files over the internet. Millions of users around the world use the software to share both legally and illegally media, which is now also possible via mobile phones with Android. BitTorrent works very simply: after installation, a nice menu, where you search for torrents, and looks at what ‘t download...

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1242Falcon is a widget for Twitter, no application. That is not to say that the possibilities are limited, on the contrary. Falcon is very fast and has a lot of possibilities which you can use from your home screen Twitter. You can view your timeline, replies, DMs, favorites and your Twitter lists in this widget. There is an integrated search function. There is also a button that allows you instantly check all unread tweets. Further integrated push notifications, so you immediately get a message when you are mentioned on Twitter.

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7The application AppSales gives a nice overview of the apps and games that are currently on offer. In addition, the app shows how much cheaper than normal, but also the number of downloads and rating of an app. When you select an app or game, you see a list of information about the app, such as how big it is. Additionally you will find links to any video and the website of the developer. The most interesting is perhaps the chart where you see what have been the price changes of the last two months. The app gives any demo versions of the app or free versions with ads.

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SDCard Watcher

111_SAnyone who has been a while using an Android phone and sometimes photos of the device has met through a USB connection, it will have even seen that quite a few files and directories on an SD card. The question is: where do these files come from? Which application has these files placed on my SD card and can I remove it just like that? The application SDCard Watcher offers a solution: the applicate keeps track of the app which creates folders. This applies not only to the SD card, but also to the internal memory, which serves in many devices as a substitute for a removable SD card.

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